Six Things You Need To Pack In Your Hospital Bag When You Are Having A Baby

by Milton Hayes

If your due date is approaching, you are probably actively thinking about the birth. Not only do you have to write your birth plan with your obstetrician, choose your pain relief method and map out the fastest route to the hospital, you also have to pack a small overnight bag. Here is what you need:

1. A warm robe or cardigan sweater

While you are in active labour, you should wear whatever feels comfortable. Some women spend their labours naked, while others spend them in a hospital gown. In either case, having a warm robe or button-up sweater is essential. They are easy to slip on, and they keep you warm and cozy feeling whether you are walking the halls with contractions or lying in bed reading between contractions. 

2. Underpants

After the birth, you will bleed for several weeks, and it is likely to be especially heavy right after the birth. Bring a pack of comfortable underpants that you don't mind staining to the hospital. If you typically wear g-strings, keep in mind that you will need to switch to full-bottomed underpants to hold your sanitary pads in place for a few weeks after the birth.

3. Nursing bra

A nursing bra is a bra that has flaps that open to allow the baby to access your breasts. To ensure that you don't impede the flow of milk, buy a nursing bra that has no under-wire. Even if you don't plan to nurse the baby, make sure to bring a nursing bra – they have pads that can be very useful at soaking up the milk your body produces.

4. Comfortable clothing

After the birth and on your way home, you deserve to be comfortable. You won't fit into your skinny jeans immediately after the birth, but you will be a bit smaller than you were at nine months pregnant. Bring some comfortable lounge wear from the middle of your pregnancy or a stretchy pair of yoga pants with a few t-shirts.

5. Stuff for baby

Your new baby may need less than you think. Just bring two or three little outfits for the baby to wear at the hospital and the day when you go home. Also bring a couple of small blankets and a car seat. Talk with your obstetrician to see what else you should bring to the hospital.

6. Contact information for your obstetrician

Slip the contact information for your obstetrician in the side pocket of your hospital bag. That way, it will be easy to contact your obstetrician while you are on your way to the hospital so that you can meet there. If your obstetrician is not delivering your baby, make sure that you have his or her number in case you need to contact him or her with questions during the labour.

For more information, contact an obstetrician, such as Dr Alex Alexander.