Some Early Morning Stretches To Help Loosen Your Back Up For The Day

by Milton Hayes

Many people who suffer from lower back pain find that it is accentuated first thing in the morning; indeed, a good deal  of back pain of this type is caused as a person sleeps, and is unconscious of the stresses being placed on parts of their back. As well as doing some exercises that help the back during your free time, is is an excellent idea to include a quick stretching program into your morning routine. This can help you to loosen up and prepare your back for the day ahead. Let's look at some of the stretches to do.

Just Awake Stretch

 As you wake in the morning, and before you get out of bed, take a few seconds to hang your leg over the side of the bed. Use the bed to support your leg from just below the thigh area, and as your leg hangs, move the heel back in towards you. Hold for a few seconds, and repeat a few times. You can move over to the other side of the bed and perform the same action for the opposite leg. This gently stretches the top of the leg muscles and the muscles around the lower back.

Knee Stretch

 As you lie on your back, extend both legs. Then, bend one leg, and wrap both your hands around the knee area. Slowly bring your knee up to your chest area, using your hands to stretch the knee as far back as you can. Hold this position for a few seconds, and repeat several times. Repeat for the other leg. This stretch fully opens up the lower back area, setting it up for the moving and stretching that will be performed during a normal day.

Leg Stretch

While still lying on your back, raise one leg towards the ceiling, and clasp your hands together around the back of your leg, at the rear thigh area. Fully straighten your leg, and then gently move the leg in towards you. Hold as you feel the tautness, and repeat a few times. Switch legs and repeat. This excellent stretch opens up the hamstring muscle of your leg. When the hamstring is tight, it can cause a poor posture, which can lead to lower back pain.

 It only takes a few minutes to do these back stretches, and you can do them all while lying on your back in bed. These stretches will loosen the back up in the morning before you get out of bed, and can help prevent niggles and pain during the day. For more information, contact Associated Medical Clinic.