Should you be taking aspirin every day?

by Milton Hayes

Maintaining a healthy body is something that should be a priority for everybody, every day. Of course, it is recommended that you take up regular exercise and eat the right balance of foods, but what about taking medications? For many people who care about their bodies, heading to a pharmacy like Friendly Society Private Hospital to buy some medicine is a last resort – something that you only do when all other options have been exhausted. But actually, there is a case for taking a simple aspirin pill proactively as well as reactively. Here's why you might want to add an aspirin to your daily routine.

Prevent a heart attack. Heart attacks occur when blood clotting occurs and blood flow is prevented from reaching your heart, but this is something that can be prevented with a daily dose of aspirin. The blood clotting cells are called platelets and aspirin can stop these platelets from clumping together and forming a blood clot. If heart attacks run in your family or you are at particularly high risk of having a heart attack because of a medical condition like diabetes, taking a low level dose of aspirin each day could actually be a life saver.

Prevent cancer. Amazingly, taking aspirin could also help you to ward off cancer, including the types of cancers that are the hardest to treat successfully. In fact, taking aspirin each day could reduce your risks of developing colon and rectal cancer by 50%. But it's not only these cancers that aspirin can help with. Recovering breast cancer patients who take aspirin are less likely to have breast cancer again, and aspirin can also help stop the spread of lung cancer.

Improve your skin. When you have good health, you look great as well as feel great, and you will see the changes in your skin when you start to take aspirin on a daily basis. Aspirin helps with your headaches because of its anti-inflammatory properties – but inflammation is not just the cause of headaches and fevers, but also of skin conditions such as acne. After a short while of taking aspirin each day, you will notice that pimples on your face are few and far between and that your skin is much smoother.

Before you introduce aspirin to your body on a regular basis, be sure to consult with your doctor or pharmacist to ensure that you will not experience any adverse side effects.