Four Pre-Planned Funeral Services You Will Likely Change Later

by Milton Hayes

When you sit down to work on your funeral planning, you may be doing at a young age. This is due to several reasons including military commitment, family obligations, or just the need to feel prepared for the unexpected. There are several services that you may feel you really want right now, but may change as you get older. Here are four of those services that you may change, and that you may want to re-consider later.

Green Burial

A green burial may sound ideal, especially if you are considering the ecologically friendly aspect of the service. In truth, you may want to change at least some portions of this plan as you get older. One aspect to reconsider is avoiding embalming. Embalming is primarily used to preserve the body for funerals that may not take place for several days. This allows family members to make arrangements and be present at the funeral. This may not seem like a big deal now, but later in life when travelling may become difficult due to schedule conflicts, it is something to consider.


Cremation is a popular service to consider, especially if you are thinking of the financial costs of traditional burial. As you grow older, you may find that marriage and children change your views on this. For example, a traditional cremation option means no burial. Your remains will be in an urn or spread over an area of your choice. If you marry or have children, you may want to consider a traditional burial so you can have a family cemetery area and stay together.

Casket Choices

Casket choices, like many other funeral service choices, can change over time. Just like your home décor or style changes, so does what you look for in a casket. For example, you may start off planning a funeral with a traditional oak or pine option and decide later that you want to go out with a bang and have gold handles with marble inlay. This is a fairly easy service option to change, and one that will likely be the first change on your list.


The location of your final resting place may change more than once as you grow older. It is a common change, so don't feel bad if you rethink this time and again. Things that could change this are divorce, marriage, children and where you call home or where you move to. Just remember, this is something that can easily be changed and plots can always be sold if you need to.

These are just a few of the things you will likely change in your pre-planned funeral service options. Remember, your funeral director will understand and work with you on the changes you want to make. They expect it and they are ready for it. So, if you are ready to make changes or feel like you need to revisit your options, contact a funeral services director like Affinity Funerals today.