Bone Healing | 3 Steps To Speed Up Your Recovery From A Fracture Through Physiotherapy

by Milton Hayes

Apart from being excruciatingly painful, a bone fracture can be terribly stressful when you have to deal with limited movement capability for a long time. After a bone fracture, your body will work extra hard to recover from it for the next couple of months, but you can also undertake some steps to speed up your recovery. You will need to work closely with your physio to restore normal movement again.

Starting Physio At The Hospital

Your physiotherapist will likely first visit you just after you fracture your bone in the hospital to get you started on your physio sessions. The sooner you begin, the quicker will be your recovery. If you break a bone in your ankle or leg, the physiotherapist may recommend walking with crutches or a cane for the initial period. Your physio session will include how to use these devices for walking on level ground and on staircases. If your arm is fractured, you may need to leave your arm in a sling, so the therapist will teach you how to remove and restore it without being too painful. Keep in mind that acquiring any new skill requires patience and practice, so don't put these physio lessons off because they will aid you in your quest to recover faster. If you have any questions about any initial recovery procedures, be sure to ask the physio before you move forward.

Continuing Physio At Home

When you go home after a fracture, you may need to continue your physical therapy to ensure a speedy recovery. This is ideal when you cannot leave your home for a temporary period following the injury. Your physio will not only help you master any assistance devices like walkers and crutches, but you'll also learn some exercises to strengthen your muscles over time. If your leg or arm is hurt, your physio may include weight exercises within restriction. These restrictions are important to follow because they ensure that unnecessary stress isn't put on your fractured bone.

Finishing Up Recovery At The Physiotherapist's Clinic

Once you recover slightly from your injury, your doctor may recommend visiting the physiotherapy clinic to restore your normal movement through a host of exercises and activities. A clinic visit typically happens after your cast has come off. Apart from weight-restricted exercises, your physiotherapist may also recommend special cardio exercises like light walks, jogs and arm exercises to help improve range of motion.

While a fracture leads to tremendous loss of movement, make sure you work closely with your physio to ensure that you recover as quickly as you possibly can.