Men's Sexual Health: How to Practice Safe Cycling and Safeguard Your Sexual Health

by Milton Hayes

Bike riding is a popular sport among men and women today. Not only is it considered therapeutic, but it is also a great way of keeping fit. However, did you know that bike riding can harm your sexual health if it is not done in the right way? This article addresses some of the issues that may arise in men as a result of bike riding and the measures that one can take to ensure that they enjoy this sport without jeopardizing their sexual health.

How is the bike saddle designed?

Bike saddles come in varying shapes and sizes depending on the manufacturer. The shape of the seat can cause sexual health problems in men. Most people put pressure on the soft tissue between the scrotum and anus when cycling. This layer of soft tissue is known as the perineum, and beneath it are most of the arteries and nerves that are responsible for enabling erection in men.

When too much pressure is exerted on the soft tissue, it can cause numbness in the penis. This is because the arteries become constricted and blood flow to the penis is restricted. Since blood flow is critical for erection, the penis does not become rigid enough for sex regardless of how emotionally prepared one is.

What signs should you look out for?

Not all bike saddle designs can cause problems in men; therefore, it is essential to watch out for the signs that may indicate you should change your seat or stop cycling. The most obvious sign is feeling numb in your penis after a cycling session. Also, if you have any problem achieving a full erection, it may be as a result of frequent cycling. Note that other sexual and general health issues can cause erectile dysfunction; therefore, you should get checked by a doctor to ensure that there's no underlying condition.

How can you protect your sexual health?

There are measures that you can take to enjoy bike riding without worrying about your sexual health. First, buy a bike with a no-nose seat. This seat is designed in such a way that there is no nose extending from it as this is the part that exerts pressure to your genitals. Get a seat that has an adequate space for your buttocks so that pressure around the perineum is decreased. When you visit a bike shop, try different saddles and choose the one that feels most comfortable.

Second, always sit in an upright position when cycling, and avoid leaning forward as the posture will put pressure on the perineum. You can even try to cycle while standing once in a while. Also, try to reduce the number of times you cycle in a week to decrease the risk of developing erection problems.