2 Effective Homemade Eye Solutions for Conjunctivitis

by Milton Hayes

When an otherwise healthy person develops swollen or bloodshot eyes, there is a good chance that they are suffering from a bout of conjunctivitis. Conjunctivitis is a common condition affecting the eyes, making them itchy and watery. The eyes can also feel like they are burning and can be bloodshot or pink-looking.

Conjunctivitis will often pass quite quickly; this means that many people choose to deal with conjunctivitis at home, using a recipe they have prepared themselves. Take a look at how to ease the symptoms of conjunctivitis, as well as looking at a homemade remedy for irritated eyes.

Saline Solution

Saline is salt that has been dissolved in water. Saline is an excellent way to ease the symptoms of conjunctivitis. It can soothe the burning sensation and keep the eye clean. Salt is a natural killer of bacteria, so washing the eye out several times a day helps to allow your body to recover quickly, by keeping the bacteria out of the eye.

For the water, you may wish to choose distilled water, as tap water can sometimes contain chemicals. If you do use tap water, boil it first and allow to cool before using. Mix about half a teaspoon of regular salt into the water and stir. To administer the drops, use a dropper and blink the solution around the eye, washing it in the process.

Then, repeat three or four times a day for maximum benefit. You will probably have to make up two separate batches of saline solution, as it is recommended not to use the same solution for more than a couple of days. Keeping the solution fresh will increase its effectiveness.

Green Tea Eye Wash

It can be easy to forget, during a regular day, that the eyes are exposed to several pollutants. Exhaust fumes and smoke are two examples of these pollutants. A great way to deal with this condition is to use a green tea eyewash.

Boil some water, and prepare a normal cup of green tea. Then in another cup, for every two parts of green tea you use, put in one part of distilled or boiled (and cooled) water. This makes a mild but effective solution and can rejuvenate irritated eyes, or comfort stinging eyes. Apply with a dropper, and wash around the eyes by blinking.

If these solutions don't work for you, it's a good idea to visit an optometrist who can give you more treatment options.