Laser Treatment for Pregnancy Stretch Marks & Side Effects

by Milton Hayes

Laser treatment is one of the many options that you could choose when it comes to removing pregnancy stretch marks from your body. Before deciding on whether or not you are ready for laser treatment, it won't hurt to know the basics about the process so that you can make the right choice. Here is how the procedure works and some of the primary side effects that can occur during laser treatment.

The Procedure

With laser treatment, stretch marks are removed by the use of an ultraviolet laser. Small rays of ultraviolet light are emitted from the laser, directly hitting the affected body areas. When these rays make contact with the skin, the energy from the laser is absorbed by the skin, resulting in further stimulation of collagen growth. As a result, the production of extra collagen fills the gaps caused by stretch marks entirely.

Because laser treatment involves many trips to the doctor, this treatment is extremely time-consuming and expensive. Each laser session lasts for around an hour, and every visit to the doctor demands fees. The number of sessions needed to get rid of a stretch mark depends primarily on how old the mark is and the amount of discolouration caused. The price of each session depends on the type of laser used and the size of the area that needs to be treated.

Side Effects

A laser treatment can be used to remove stretch marks caused by pregnancy but can cause various side effects if not done properly. After treatment, the area that has been laser treated might become swollen and red, and the patient might feel a burning sensation on the skin, similar to the one felt during the treatment itself. Not only that, but some patients experience a brown discolouration on the skin near the treated area as a result of sun exposure after the treatment. This is why it is highly recommended that you avoid exposing the treated area directly to the sun for the first weeks following your laser treatment.

Getting rid of stretch marks with laser treatments is quite an effective method. Despite the fact that this treatment only fades the stretch marks instead of removing them, it can become quite demanding in terms of time and costs. As a result, you must understand how the procedure works and the costs associated with it, as well as any possible side effects, before being treated.

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