Why Choose a Specialized Women's Healthcare Center?

by Milton Hayes

As a woman, you know that your healthcare needs are often very different from that of men; while both men and women may suffer from diabetes, high blood pressure, and conditions like these, women will need checkups with their gynecologist, prenatal and postnatal care for pregnancies, and other services that men don't require. While many medical centers can provide these types of services, note a few reasons why you may want to consider a specialized women's healthcare center for your medical needs instead.

1. Using one doctor throughout pregnancy

As a woman, you may find it easier and more comfortable to use one doctor through all stages of her pregnancy; this includes a gynecologist who can advise her on fertility issues and any risk factors for becoming pregnant and who can then also assist her during and after her pregnancy. This one doctor will be familiar with your health in particular and will know exactly any risks or concerns you may have during delivery, such as a risk for severe bleeding or for developing high blood pressure after delivery. You may then be more comfortable during pregnancy and your health may be more protected.

2. Knowing special risk factors

A specialized women's healthcare facility may be able to advise you on, and check for, certain risk factors that women face in particular. For example, as you get older, you may be more prone to osteoporosis. A doctor that specializes in women's healthcare can ensure that you are checked for this condition over the years and advise you on how to avoid it. 

Doctors who specialize in women's healthcare may also know that some women assume they aren't at high risk for certain conditions. In turn, she may not be concerned about her diet, smoking, and other things that increase her risk of these things. A doctor who specializes in women's healthcare may be familiar with how women may assume these things and ensure that a patient understands her risk factors for any health condition.

3. Utilizing cosmetic medicine

A women's healthcare center may offer cosmetic medicine that are typically chosen by women more than men. This might include treatment for spider veins, dermal fillers, and the like. A healthcare center that caters to women and that offers these treatments may make it easier for a woman to talk to her doctor about her options for these treatments. Talk to your local women's center about what services are available to you.