Managing Chronic Anxiety Attacks

by Milton Hayes

If you are prone to severe anxiety attacks, it can be hard to muster up the energy to leave the house to seek help. This can create a cycle of problems as you struggle to manage the symptoms of your anxiety. Here are some tips that can help.

Find an integrated team

Anxiety is best managed with a team of medical professionals including psychologists, GPs and associated professionals such as massage therapists. Many medical centres have all of these services on site which can make it much easier to head in for appointments and see several people in the same day if needed. It also gives you more flexibility if you need to see one of your team more often for a while, for example if you have to change medications and are working with your doctor to get the correct dose, without having to co-ordinate transport and transfer of your notes and history, to a new medical facility.

Schedule your time carefully

If you are finding that performing the normal tasks that you need to do in a day is overwhelming, stagger your time so you don't need to get as much done in the same outing. Many tasks can be staggered over a few days, such as shopping and cooking, and if you find yourself less overwhelmed this can help. Work with your medical team to sketch out some ways to get you necessary life tasks completed without triggering an attack.

Work on the best ways to switch off

For some people lifestyle changes can have a large impact on the amount of anxiety attacks they face. This can include improving your diet (with help from a nutritionist if needed), doing some more physical exercise, listening to music and have regular massages. Everyone has a different response to these activities so you may need to experiment to find out what works best for you. If you can work out techniques that help you to sleep, with or without prescription medication, this can also be a useful way to control some of the symptoms of anxiety.

If you are currently trying to manage your anxiety attacks in a holistic way, it is useful to find a medical facility which has a range of practioners under one roof, like the After Hours Family Medical Clinic. This multi-faceted approach can help maximise the chances of a successful management of your anxiety, and help you to lead a full and active life.