Three ways you can use flowers to relieve stress

by Milton Hayes

Stress and anxiety are common parts of modern society, and without effective ways to reduce the harmful effects of stress sufferers can develop more serious health problems including depression, weight gain and sleep disorders. If you or someone you know is suffering from stress, check out these three ways that flowers can be used to help relieve stress symptoms.

In the workplace

Floral arrangements in the office improve the ambience and create a welcoming environment for staff and clients. To help create a stress-free environment in your workplace, try placing beautiful bouquets of fresh blooms or vibrant green leafy plants around your office space. Fresh flowers and potted plants in the workplace can also have a positive impact on the mood of staff, helping to reduce the symptoms of stress and anxiety. Having living plants in the workplace will also considerably improve the air quality of your office, while helping your team to increase productivity and creativity.

In the home

Purchasing fresh flowers for your own home is often viewed as a luxury; however, if you suffer from stress or anxiety you may want to include floral arrangements in your home décor more often. The appearance of a bouquet of flowers in your home can help to relax, inspire and motivate you and your family members. Consider placing a large vase of fresh flowers in a shared space such as the dining or lounge room for everyone to benefit from, with a smaller floral arrangement next to your bed to help you start the day in a great mood. To reduce anxiety, opt for subtle coloured flowers, and to infuse energy, incorporate bright blooms into your home décor.

As a gift

If you have a friend who is suffering from chronic anxiety or is going through a difficult and stressful period, consider giving them a bouquet of fresh flowers. It's often easy to provide a wealth of opinions and advice to friends or family members suffering from stress; however, sometimes a gesture of kindness can brighten someone's day in a way that words cannot. A potted flowering plant is the ideal gift for someone suffering from stress or anxiety- in exchange for a little water, sunlight and love, your gift will be an ever-present reminder of support and positivity.

To relieve the ongoing symptoms of stress, lifestyle changes including exercise, diet, relaxation, sleep and socialisation are highly recommended. If you are suffering from recurring stress and anxiety, consult your health care professional for expert advice.